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Post Open Cycle [2018]


Past Programming Archives:

Misfit Athletics Programming

Comptrain Programming

Aerobic Capacity Programming

Crossfit Football Archive (Discont.)




Power Snatch 3r HS

Power Snatch 5×3 @83%

DB Snatch ME

F Squat 3×5,5,5+ @93%

DBL KBL RDL @33X1 3×12

Strict HSPU 3×30 sec ME



For Time: (20min time cap)

50 Push Press, 115/75

30 FR Walking Lunge, 115/75


30 FR Walking Lunge

50 Push Up

30 FR Walking Lunge


5 rounds

bike: ride 1:00, rest 5:00


Back+ Ab

5 rounds

5 Verticle Dragon Flag

60 Arch Body Rock